The captain’s stories


yacht octopus à nosy be

In October 2011 Jody Allen, the sister of Microsoft’s creator, took a cruise through Nosy Be’s waters with her mega yacht ‘Octopus’.

The billionaire did not miss the occasion to buy some Christmas presents ; rings, collars, earrings and bracelets, from our shop.

We also showed her six big polished gems and an even larger raw one. She chose the prettiest of the seven. A triangular, double faced, 40Kt gem with a blue star (see photo below).

“On my yacht or in the jet, I’m often in the blue, I love this star!” she says.

saphirs étoilés, pierres bruts

un saphir étoilé taille 40 ct

Vendome Place

Some months later, in june 2012 we have two meetings with jewelers of the Vandome square in Paris. The first one is Francois Mellerio, chef of the Mellerio jewelery house active since Catherine de Medicis. He is interrested in a very stunning 5Kt gem for his private collection.



The next day I met Thierry Robert, the gem buyer for the House of Boucherons. He explains to me that the star sapphire is a gem too rare to create a market.
He is furnishing stones from his collection to more than 400 shops throughout the world.

“Last year we have bought one in London, a 39Kt sapphire coming from Sri Lanka but it was for our private gem collection! We don’t have any others in the reserves of the House of Boucherons”.