Master engraving

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Master engraving


Master engraving

We are now producing in a shop in Paris a master engraving made of two moons back to back to sign our rings and jewels.

The head of this shop with whom we communicate tells us in a surprising e-mail :

Footnote: The piece of high jewellery pictured on your website to show the star sapphire (natural holgram) comes out of our shop. The sculpture of masterpieces for the Place Vendôme (and others) is our specialty.


” I am stunned to hear of your in the design of the Cartier panther,

I have got a lot of questions …

Unbelievable ! I wish we could meet.

In which year did you made these models and the one on the picture ? “

panther de cartier
panther de cartier avec saphir étoilé


“It is just a very few number of anonymous and efficient shops on which Place Vendôme is counting for producing masterpieces and prototypes, all in secret. Few are aware that the best of jewellery lies on so few people endlessly at work hidden under roofs of the city or in suburbs.”