Dizzy Brains

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dizzy brains au tamarin à nosy be

Dizzy Brains

Lapidary Jeweller

In the great shop in the sand

on the beach of Madirokely, Eddy, Mahefa, Poun and Mirana listen carefully the explanations given by Frédéric Stern Quehen, the specialist of star sapphires.

“This is a rare precious stone.
This real natural hologram is a treasure from Madagascar”

The Dizzy Brains are smiling, curious, enchanted and easy going.

Poun the guitarist thinks of his girl friend. In the crowd, everyone tries rings and finally finds one : a simple model but still beautiful.

magnifique saphir étoilé


Raised fists and arms aloof

The two vendors are intriged by a tatoo in Mirana’s back.
They were gliding their shirt over their shoulders to show a whole page of the Bible in malagasy.
« Does it hurt to write all this ? » they asked.
« It takes a longtime ! But it is an ancient story » anwers the beater.

at left : Mirana, beater / at right : Poun, guitarist

mirana & poun avec bague saphir étoilé



On our sale book Eddy writes an e-mail address. His family name, Zafimanga, estonishes as it means “little son of blue “

We admire the timeliness of our meeting.

eddy des dizzy brains porte une bague tamarin



This raised fist tells a lot of awareness of people classes. Mahefa bassist smiles : «I enjoy it … We are communists.»

Heros are angels of the Revolution. We admire night guerilleros.


The concert at Batumoch that evening enjoyed us all. We were enthusiastic, in good humor and revolutionary.
It was the same magic for every show.
The Dizzy Brains don’t ape anyone.
They have their own personnality from Madagascar, with a free rage, well assumed and inflated with helium.

They are rising stars…

We trust Dizzy Brains, they are stars and are happy they show our stars at international level.

Come and attend Printemps de Bourges on 16 april 2016.


Send us your photos

Since 10 years, we sold a lot of rings, ancient jewels and star sapphires around the world.
We want to trace back this memory with you who trusted us.
Send us a photo of your ring Dizzy Brains style.

femme avec une bague saphir étoilé